Wednesday, 13 May 2015

how i met my sister

it was a sunny day everything was calm and nothing was going wrong. people were happy, birds were singing and the mothers well they were talking everyone was enjoying them selves except for me Angelica McCarron. Of cause I had 14 sisters and 2 brothers but they weren't the type id be with my sisters always talk about cute stuff and about there boyfriends and well the twins my brothers all they ever played was guess who's Nathan game and its got boring I wanted a sister just like me didn't play the same games over and over again and had something proper to do then gossip but I had this feeling that it was never going to happen I didn't ever get the chance to ask my mom cause she was busy and my dad well he was always at work so I never got the chance to see him so I had no hope on finding one unless I went to get one myself but I was 2 to young I still am but that day my dad came home early so I knew this was my chance I took a deep breath and ran down stairs to ask I told him why I wanted a sister but my mom wouldn't allow it. although mom never allowed anything my dad always found a way to get my mom to say yes and so the day after I went to go get me a sister. as I got to the door of the care home a lady was there to meet my dad and she called everyone in a line she counted but one was missing. then someone shouted up there as I looked up she was standing there one the window sill with both windows open I felt like she was gonna fall but although she was there she always looked at the same direction I followed her eyes and she was just looking into the sky. all of a sudden to others appeared on each side of her by there windows. the lady shouted get down hear I caught two of there names but the one I saw first i still didn't know her name and i really wanted to get to know her. as so the two others left the window and climbed down the pipes although she just stood there and she finally looked down at she did she followed the other two down the pipe. the lady told my dad there names the three i was interested in was Jake Emily and Cynthia i was mostly keeping an eye on Cynthia then all of sudden i heard a cry and someone in the line was picking on a small ball called Chris then i saw Cynthia leave her spot and go over to them and as she did the boy stop being mean to Chris and moved away from them as he did Cynthia crouched down and she made the boy smile she was so sweet she was the sister i have always wanted so i asked dad if we could adopt her after that my dad filled the form and Cynthia packed her bags but then as she climbed in the car her best friends came out and gave my a mean look and as they left i never knew they were going to get worse in the future when me and dad and Cynthia got home mom greeted in her and mom seemed to like her but my sisters or my 2 brothers didn't. that night dad had to go back to work and mom was struggling to get the twins to sleep that's when Cynthia came to help. she sat down and sung a sweet song called daylights end in a so calming voice and as she did the sisters came to listen to even mom was listening. as Cynthia sung the twins fell asleep and everyone was shocked that she had such a sweet and calm voice like that. i knew she was gonna be a great sister. the next morning i came down stairs and found Cynthia helping mom with the breakfast they were both great at cooking Cynthia was the best. later on i was watching the twins and saw Cynthia's friends gang up on them knowing i couldn't do anything i ran inside to grab Cynthia and she rushed out to help them. as she went to help the twins i saw that she had something else she had a bad side and i had never seen her so angry as she picked up the twins one of them got back up and went for the twins she quickly put them down and got infront to protect them and then she fell to the floor and started to fight with Emily eventually the two bullies left but Cynthia kept holding her arm and blood poured down her arm as i followed the blood i saw that one of them had dropped a knife which must have hit her. although she was hurt she still smiled so no one would worry for her but i knew she was in deep pain but she didn't want anyone else involved so i acted like i didn't notice and walked away. After that me mom and my sister Cynthia played guess who's Nathan and to there surprise although it had only been a day since she had met them she guessed who it was a few years later though dad had to go to war and me and Cynthia started to argue before dad left Cynthia had made a promise to protect her family till he gets back but a few days later we had a letter that he wasn't going to come back and that was that Cynthia started to change she went more angry she had changed she was getting stronger and she wasn't like she used to be who knows what she will do next i don't know myself but i know it wont be good.
matches my sister perfectly

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